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About us
We eat way too much candy.
No surprises there.

We created the Cubenizer universe because we believe it is what any child dreams about: A candy store that’s always open. Half game, half candy factory. A fun experience that combines the best of both the digital and physical world.

With Cubenizer it is just as fun to create the candy as it is to actually eat it. What if enjoying every bite of your favorite candy took second place to playing and creating new and exciting candy flavors? Just like many children find it more fun to imagine and build stuff with LEGO blocks than to play with their inventions afterwards.

The Cubenizer puts creation above consumption, feeding childrens creativity before their stomach. We truly belive it actually is possible to reduce a child's candy intake by introducing a creative and rewarding process. And that is why our aspiration is to create challenges and thrills that via a tasty treat bring children together all around the world.